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6 month renewal – Friends in Stillness


Invitation-only monthly convenings for the Move with Grace community.

Build the sustaining practices of Radiance and the MasterClass with this additional support of community and guidance. A monthly space to let go of external pressures, ground in stillness, deepen your intuitive practices, have a little fun, reflect thoughtfully, and grow in creativity.

These gatherings emerged from MasterClass graduates who wanted the extra support and guided growth.

Together, we evolved a generous community of individuals who ground and inspire together.

  • We gather on Zoom the first Saturday each month*, 8:00am PT.
  • I send a small gift in advance: supplies, tools, and/or a reference or prompt for the primary activity of that month.
  • Together, we connect, we create, we ponder and reflect in a space of stillness.

Your 6 month commitment provides for stronger community and makes it possible for me to plan gifts and activities with the actual participants in mind. If you’d prefer to pay in two installments, email me and I can invoice you instead of website purchase. (

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