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Looking for a workshop or unique experience to bring to your team?

Every team needs an extra boost from time to time.

By pushing us out of our normal mode of thinking, we can release stress, anxiety, and expectations, be more in tune with our heart, and find a moment of stillness, even during a busy day. This re-centers and brings greater clarity and creativity.

I offer team planning and development sessions, stand-alone workshops, and team cohort experiences.

Attention is given to the needs and styles of diverse learners. These workshops tap into visual and kinesthetic modes of processing as well as verbal.

I’m a certified LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY facilitator!

Engaging all participants in building invites CURIOSITY and CREATIVITY – a bit of play – encouraging inquiry, communication, and connection. These workshops also provide a different way of working which disrupts traditional power hierarchies and embraces diversity of thought as well as diversity in ways of thinking. 

Perfect for strategic planning, breaking through a challenge, and team-building.

Customized Cohort Experience


In September 2021 and January 2022, I ran a special cohort experience called Radiance. With advanced scheduling, this program is available to bring to a team as a group experience.

When would you choose to bring Radiance to your team?

If you are looking to inspire greater creativity, release stress/anxiety for better performance, and deepen team connections, experiencing Radiance together as a team may be a good fit. Reflecting together, sharing inspiration and challenges in a space held by an external facilitator, and learning together, builds a positive team culture and strengthens performance in alignment with a common vision.

The Radiance experience includes:

  • Prompts and space for reflection
  • Mystery gifts to spark curiosity and encourage play
  • Growth in the habits and practices of creativity.
  • All backed by and with introduction to the science and research around habits, burnout, and creative thought. (Think Again by Adam Grant, Chatter by Ethan Kross, The Extended Mind by Annie Murphy Paul, and Burnout by Dr. Emily Nagoski and Dr. Amelia Nagoski, are among the books referenced.)
  • Ten days to ground in your values, build community, inspire creativity, and play together.

If you’re interested in bringing this to your group, please contact me at to discuss your specific situation.

Stand-alone Workshops

Release, Recharge, Re-Center

Imagine if in times of external stress you could bring your own sense of peace with you!

This workshop is designed to give individuals or a professional team the opportunity to take a breath together, re-center, and develop a personalized collection of concrete activities to bring stillness into busy schedules. This is at once playful and grounded in practical strategies so that you can experience less overwhelm, more energy and feel greater freedom in taking action.

Books referenced: Chatter (Ethan Kross), Burnout (Drs. Emily and Amelia Nagoski), Joyful (Ingrid Fetell Lee), and Think Again (Adam Grant)

Get Playful! Build connection, creativity, and joy into your workplace

We often portray “play” as a past-time for lazy summers and for children unburdened by the cares of the world. It’s time to re-think that.

  • Play challenges assumptions and brings new perspectives.
  • Play is what shapes a small idea into a book, a podcast, a company.
  • Play is what allows teams to connect.
  • Play is essential to innovation and growth.

In this workshop, we will redefine play in order to understand its power and purpose in professional settings. Learn the key considerations for play to have the impact you want, strategies for incorporating play appropriate to you and your community, and resources for learning more.

Building Community in Virtual and In-person Settings

Conversations that matter happen in environments which have been deliberately set up to build trust, invite honest reflection, and strengthen connections between people. This is particularly important – and powerful – when the people attending have a variety of experiences, expectations and opinions. In this workshop, learn key elements that build community so you can have those important conversations: choose formats and tools that match your goal(s), create space which invites reflective participation, and use tech tips to move beyond the (potentially empty) video squares of virtual meetings.

Creating Greater Clarity So You Can Act

Clarity starts with knowing who you are and letting those values guide your decisions and actions. Sounds easy, right? The challenge comes when anxiety or uncertainty clouds that clarity.

In this interactive workshop we’ll use various strategies to break out of destructive thought patterns and coax out your clarity so you can take your next steps with confidence.

Questions about these workshops? Interested in a custom workshop?

Email me at or schedule a time to talk.

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