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Team Workshops

Looking for more from your professional team? Give LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY a try while keeping all of the reflection, stillness, and connection-building you have come to expect from me as a facilitator.



A Podcast Series

What if we re-defined “play” for professional spaces? That’s the curiosity that got me interviewing people and putting it all together in a podcast series. The more I listened to what these amazing guests and experts shared, the more I realized that play is a leadership skill!

Agree? Disagree? Listen to the podcast and join the conversation with me on play and leadership by emailing or engaging with me on Linked In.

Make a Play Portrait!

The curiosity that led me to create a podcast series redefining “play” also led me to thinking on how individual play is. We’re each quite unique! And yet, play – however we each individually define it – can help us center ourselves, empathize with others, and spark brilliant innovation.

What’s a “play portrait”? Blending Dr. Stuart Brown’s description of play personalities and Giorgia Lupi and Stephanie Posavic’s approach of visually representing data, I created a fun way to explore and reflect on your own manifestation of play – whether quiet or bold.

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Journal Inspiration

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Have an idea for me?

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Mighty Network Community

An invitation-only community space for past and current cohort members from my MasterClass or Radiance.

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