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MasterClass begins February 19, 2022

Are you navigating a transition this year? or seeking change in 2022? My 5-month MasterClass can support you in your journey. Registration has opened! Open until February 2 (or once filled).

Inspiration in your Inbox

Want an e-newsletter you enjoy reading? I share from books, encourage moments of stillness, and invite in creativity. I write when I’m inspired – usually 2-3 times a month.

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A Thinking Space

How often do you actually give yourself the time and space to think? Not to stare at a blank page or empty document, but to actually get new ideas through creativity, inspiration, and thinking with others?

In “The Extended Mind,” Annie Murphy Paul reminds us that thinking is not just what happens in our brain, we think in part based on our environment and circumstances. So, bring something more into your environment! Give yourself a moment this month.

Journal Prompts

Follow me on IG at MKHendra to see occasional pictures of my own journal and be inspired to do your own writing and doodling through image-filled journal prompts.

Mighty Network Community

An invitation-only community space for past and current cohort members from my MasterClass or Radiance.

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