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Confronting a Big Moment of Change in Your Life?

I run a unique, invitation-only master class in self-discovery, designed to strengthen your clarity and give you agency in times of change.

This might be for you if you are feeling stuck or uncertain about next steps, find yourself questioning your professional goals without a clear new path, or have been derailed by external and unexpected events.

  • How do we move through transitions with greater stillness and clarity?
  • How do we tap into our intuitive and our creative in order to take action with more confidence? 

Meeting once a month (virtually), this group is built on the pillars of creating moments of stillness in our lives, building authentic relationships in a community circle, and tapping into our natural creativity with an interweaving of kinesthetic, visual, and verbal techniques (plus a dash of play!).

What will we do?

The five monthly sessions build on each other:

  1. grounding ourselves in our own values and presence
  2. working through distractions,
  3. using journaling to transform, not just record, our thinking,
  4. leaning into emotion in order to make it through emotions, and
  5. seeing inspiration in the intuitive.

This is not an art class, but an opportunity to re-gain nonverbal processing skills we sometimes forget to include in our toolbox for meeting the challenges thrown at us.

This is for you if…

  • You are confronting a challenging transition in personal or professional life.
  • You feel unsettled and want to gain a greater sense of peace as you move through the world.
  • You want to be connected to and contribute to a small, supportive community.
  • You want to transform, not just record your thinking.
  • You like receiving gifts! (Seriously, you’ll get a gift every month to inspire and make it easy to jump into different ways of thinking and acting.)

Registration has closed for the 2022 cohort. Join the waitlist to be the first to hear about the next cohort.

Masterclass facilitated by Mary Hendra.

  • 21 years experience with adult learning.
  • 25 years creating positive learning communities.
  • 3 experienced art forms and plenty of play in others.
  • And a full-time professional myself, so I know how important it is for this to fit into your busy life.

Questions? Something else you’d like my help with?

Email me at

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