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Mary Hendra is an executive leader and entrepreneur whose mission is to bring curiosity, creativity and compassion back into the workplace, into our civic spaces and into our opportunities for adult learning.

She works with individuals and teams to create these spaces of curiosity and innovation.

Check out a more detailed spotlight interview with Mary on Ellevate Network.

Move with Grace provides cohort experiences built on stillness, creativity, community and a dash of play. Each program provides impetus for self-reflection, tapping into a wider range of strategic tools so that individuals and teams can find clarity and take action.

Learn more about who I serve here, see current and past speaking engagements, or come play with me by checking out what’s new on the Playground.

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More about me…

I love to engage with new ideas. Here are two ways I regularly do so:

  • I interview people around the intersection of play, work, and leadership as host of the podcast, Lead with a dash of Play. Check out past and current episodes here, or subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts.
  • I’ve consistently enjoyed the Next Big Idea book club, which chooses 2 nonfiction (usually business) books a quarter. I facilitate the Southern California meetup discussions, which are usually online. We don’t check IDs for geographic location, so if the timing works for you to join us, please join us!

Want to know more about books that guide my work? These are books I regularly use and recommend.

My social media homes are LinkedIn and Instagram.

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