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What does it feel like to move through the world with a sense of stillness, a clarity of mind, and a sense of agency to actually, well… move?

With the disruption, loss, and uncertainty we have all been navigating, it can be all too easy to get sucked into stress and anxiety, to doubt our own power.

But the truth is, we CAN find clarity and regain our sense of power, and we aren’t alone.


My “secret” taps into practices we don’t often think about in professional settings: curiosity, “art” techniques, connection, …PLAY.

For years I used such visual and kinesthetic processing to help me through periods of uncertainty, grief and professional challenges. Others noticed and began to ask:

  • What allows you to bring such a presence of stillness to your work?
  • How do you build a sense of community so quickly? Why is it that each person here feels so valued and empowered to speak, act, and take risks?
  • How do you stay positive and creative amid so many challenges?
  • Can you teach THAT?

I created Move with Grace in response to these questions.

I support

  • Solopreneurs and budding entrepreneurs considering or reconsidering their path forward
  • Intrapreneurs who have some agency in determining their next projects, perhaps leading a team to reimagine their work
  • Individuals facing or considering a change in direction for their life

My people are

  • Doers. We want to take action. Feeling stuck or uncertain bothers us because we want to DO things. At the same time, we aren’t just sitting around waiting – we likely have full to-do lists and feel like there is not enough time.
  • Open to trying something new. We know what hasn’t worked for us. We are willing to try something new, even if it is a little out of our comfort zone.
  • Not “artists” or “artistic.” We are not here to create art together. We are here to tackle big decisions, find some clarity, create time in our lives and space in our hearts for a different way of thinking so that we can take action.
  • Connected to the world. This comes with strengths and challenges. That connection can drive our passion and our goals, building social impact. It comes with a big heart, which often also means we feel a weight of expectations and needs of others that can at times be immobilizing. This is particularly true for women, for whom gendered expectations can feel particularly heavy.

I believe…

  • We don’t always think in words.
  • When we decide we are “not an artist” or “not artistic,” we are actually shutting off part of our ability to process.
  • Just as we continue to be physically active long after deciding we will not be a professional athlete, we can benefit from paying attention to visual and kinesthetic tools to keep us grounded and bring clarity of thought.
  • Journaling is not just for documenting, it can be for transforming our thinking. (Need a sample of what this could look like? I’ve created a mini-book. Download it here.)
  • These tools are particularly important in times of change – whether caused by external or internal factors.

Opportunities to work with me:

Arrange a workshop for your team or organization.

Give yourself a “Monthly Moment” – half an hour that shifts you into a space of stillness, reflection, and curiosityRegister here.

Work with me to re-shape your strategic planning or bring more stillness, creativity and community to your gatherings. Contact me at

Commit to change by joining my masterclass.

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